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- Tim Tokrud

February 28, 2012

Don’t leave home without Travel Insurance - With the approach of Spring Break, many of us will be setting our sights on exotic ports of call.  Often the last thing we think about as we pack our bags is Insurance, making the assumption that we have accident and emergency health insurance coverage through the credit cards we carry in our wallets and that our belongings will be covered as well while we are away.  But this is not automatically the case. While it's true that credit card companies offer some measure of protection, most of these policies are riddled with restrictions, which in many cases can render the coverage null and void. If you are planning to travel, make sure you speak with a licensed insurance professional.  They will be able to assist you in selecting the right coverage from an insurance company who specializes in travel.  And look at your homeowner’s or tenant’s policy as well to ascertain the extent of coverage you have on your luggage and valuables while out of town or country. How travel policies work will depend entirely on the wordings, which provide the specific coverage and exclusions that all insurance contracts contain.  Most travel policies will offer the following basics Medical and Health policies will cover the treatment cost and medical expenses that occur if the traveler becomes ill or injured while on vacation.  This type of policy may also look after getting you back when you are recovered enough to travel home and may also cover a portion of the cost to allow a family…