Dispelling Misconceptions About Employee Engagement

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Levels of engagement matter because employee engagement correlates to performance. Even more important, a significant body of scientific evidence exists that proves an improvement in engagement is a predictor of an improvement in performance – so trust us when we tell you engagement matters?

Misconceptions about engagement do exist, so we want to tackle those.

Myth 1: Employee engagement is the same as employee satisfaction. Being satisfied with one’s job, or one’s colleagues, or one’s organization are all fine and good. Satisfied employees will do work that is, by extension, satisfactory. But successful organizations strive for more. They want to be the best, and to be the best they need employees who feel invested in the organization and want to go the extra mile to help the organization succeed.

Myth 2: Employees don’t want to be engaged. Assuming that our workforce has little to no interest in the organization is just plain sad and untrue. People want to be inspired and feel connected, and they want to do work that makes them feel proud at the end of the day. Engaged employees participate actively in the work they do and help to make your organization stronger.

Myth 3: If we hire engaged employees, we don’t have to reengage them. Employee engagement is an ongoing process. Although a new hire may be enthusiastic at first, the organization needs to give ongoing support to that person to continue doing the best work possible. Your organization needs to make a regular commitment to evaluating and overseeing employee engagement.

Myth 4: Managers alone are responsible for ensuring employee engagement. Employee engagement is everyone’s business, from the front-line staff to the CEO’s office and the board of directors. Although managers arguably have the most direct contact with front-line employees, managers can’t do the work on their own. The entire organization needs to support engagement.

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About the Author:

As President and founder of TalentMap, Sean Fitzpatrick has helped many leading public and private sector organizations maximize engagement and boost productivity through TalentMap’s integrated employee feedback system.

TalentMap offers ‘off the shelf’ and ‘custom-designed’ employee engagement solutions that foster continual improvement within your organization.

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