Making Technology UNcomplicated for Business

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“Why isn’t corporate IT as simple as my tablet and the Appstore!”  Great quote by Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity, delivering the keynote called “The Business of Innovation” at a recent cloud computing conference in Florida.  Since the turn of the century, technology has evolved tremendously with more innovation the past three years, then in the previous decade!  We are now entering the most exciting stage of technology in history – the Internet of Everything – predicted to be a $14.4 trillion dollar market (10 times the size of the total internet market of the past 30-years!).

For all the technology innovation and improvements to service delivery (cloud computing) and support (managed services), why is technology so complicated for most businesses?  Why does it remain the black hole or necessary evil (like taxes) to operate?  Why isn’t the same logic for why a finance department leverages an accounting firm applied to IT leveraging an accredited managed service provider (MSP)?

The technology industry has three primary actors who are changing rapidly:

- Vendors – companies that build the technology we use;

- Service providers – companies that deliver and support the technology;

- End users – those that consume the technology (you).

The two main changes are that the line is now blurred (if not gone) between vendor and service provider and today’s end user is connected 24x7 across multiple devices – most of us can’t work without access to applications and communications.  The consumerization of IT makes technology all about the end-user experience.  Simply put, we have outgrown what a small IT department, helpdesk or provider can deliver – that is why technology is complicated (and you are frustrated)!

Here are 5 steps to make your Technology UnComplicated:

1.    Ask your end-users how their current technology experience is and areas to improve;

2.    Make a list of your top 10 corporate objectives (technology done right can enable all of them);

3.    Understand the true cost of your current model;

4.    Don’t be afraid of the cloud (half of your data is likely there already);

5.    Engage an accredited MSP.

To tear a page from the book ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek, great companies define themselves first by “Why they exist in the first place?”  So, a great MSP should Make Technology UnComplicated for Business.  If you think about, the only reason IT service providers exist is because technology is so complicated. In recent years, the most successful technology companies are the ones that simplified the segment they were in –, Google and Apple i-products are examples.  Even our own local Ottawa rock star company, Shopify, has become successful by making e-commerce uncomplicated.

Did you know?  The chemical dopamine in our body, which drives addictions, is now being linked to our constant need to be connected to Smartphones and social media.  Ask yourself this: “if your phone is set to vibrate when you are in a meeting and it doesn’t vibrate, why do you check it?”  That’s dopamine!

Written by Mark Scott of The Utility Company (TUC)

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