February 22, 2013

Ottawa DrupalCamp

  • Place : Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa, 120 University Priv.
  • Time : 09:00
  • Details :

    Ottawa’s first ever DrupalCamp will have a major focus on web content management in government. The event will take place on February 22 and 23, 2013 at the University of Ottawa.

    Over the past year, Ottawa has seen a tremendous growth in interest in Drupal, an open source web content management system. Numerous Federal Government departments have either migrated or are planning to migrate to the software along with the City of Ottawa, the Ottawa Library, the University of Ottawa and a number of corporate and non-profit organizations.

    One of the drivers for this expansion in Ottawa has been the creation of a customized version of Drupal that meets government requirements. The effort to create this ‘distribution’ began with developers within the Federal Government who wanted to leverage the Treasury Board’s new Web Experience Toolkit (WET) which provides standards in areas such as accessibility, bilingualism and  mobile computing.

    In a major departure from previous public sector software development efforts, the code for both WET and the Drupal WET variant project were hosted on GitHub, a public site favored by open source developers. By openly sharing the codebase,  both projects were able to benefit from contributions from anywhere in the world, including other government organizations, private companies, universities and individual developers.

    Drupal’s popularity in the Canadian public sector, mirrors similar growth in the United States government where Drupal use exploded after the Obama White House announced in 2009 that it would be moving whitehouse.gov to Drupal. Since that time, the White House has also contributed its own code back to the Drupal project.

    One of the keynote speakers for the Ottawa DrupalCamp will be Andrew Hoppin, the New York State Senate’s first ever CIO who has a wealth of experience in introducing open source software to government.

    For more information, please contact Lee Hunter at 613-282-1904 or lee@streamoflight.com.

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