OBJ.... there's now an app for that!

Ottawa Business Journal's iPhone application is the number-one way to connect and interact with Ottawa’s technology, real-estate and business elite! 

It allows you to view all of Ottawa's local business news, events, videos, pictures and enables you to share them with your friends, followers and advocates using Facebook and Twitter. This application puts you in touch with the Ottawa business community, inviting you to Twitter and answer surveys to share your view on the future of the business in Ottawa. 

Create an account and connect!

To make the most of the OBJ iPhone Application, you need to create an account.  Enter a user ID, e-mail and a password on the accounts settings screen.  You will be automatically registered.

Pass on the news about doing business in Ottawa!

Spread the message about what is happening in the Ottawa business community using your social network.  Add your Twitter and Facebook account information to the application, and when OBJ posts information valuable to your colleagues, make sure to share it!  

Get involved!

OBJ offers unprecedented Ottawa business insight and information.  Follow OBJ Twitter feeds and top Ottawa business trending topics.  Add Ottawa business events to your Google calendar.  Get into Ottawa's deal flow!

Engage with the Ottawa business community!

OBJ wants to hear all about you, and what you are thinking about the future of business in Ottawa.  Answer our spot poll and trending surveys and we will show you the results as we collect them.  The OBJ iPhone application showcases OBJ's commitment to engaging Ottawa business at the grassroots level using the latest in information technology. 

To download, please click this link or visit the Apple App Store.