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Jamie Meldrum

    2011 Recipient:
    Jamie Meldrum, 33
    Carleton Financial Group

Company profile:
Employee benefits, pension, insurance, and retirement planning.

Postgraduate studies, certified financial planner.

Biggest biz achievement:
Becoming a member of the Million Dollar Round Table. This is an independent association comprised of the world’s top one per cent of life insurance and financial service professionals, from 81 nations and territories.

Biggest biz obstacle:
The lag between what’s possible and what’s comfortable.

Biggest lesson learned in business:
You can find financial information almost anywhere. People trust your judgment and advice when you can demonstrate that you have the knowledge and experience to challenge conventional wisdom, provoke thought and provide perspective using simple language. That’s how to provide value in the information age.

Charitable or non-profit involvement:
CHEO Ski for Kids.

Biggest influence:
My father. From a young age he taught me that what my future looks like is my choice. If I am happy, I am successful.

First job:
Lois N’ Frima’s, serving ice cream. I think I was 12.

Favourite pastime:

Favourite travel destination:
Anywhere I can ski, sail, or experience culture.

Favourite book:
Linchpin by Seth Godin.

Favourite movie:
I was going to say Caddyshack, but really anything with Chevy Chase.