April 16, 2012
Marketing Supplement to Ottawa Business Journal

Advocis Ottawa

Financial advice in the best interests of the consumer

Advocis Ottawa has established a bursary...

In a time of economic uncertainty and profound workforce change, Canadians need comprehensive financial advice they can trust, from advisors who are held to the highest professional and ethical standards.

For more than a century, Advocis, the Financial Advisors Association of Canada, has protected the interests of Canadians by holding its members to a code of conduct, ensuring they continue to pursue opportunities for professional development to better serve their clients’ needs, and lobbying government on behalf of members and their clients.

“Our motto is Non Solus Nobis – ‘not for ourselves alone,’” says Kristan Birchard, owner of the Eagle Insurance Agency and national past chair and former local president of Advocis. “Everything we do is from the perspective of the consumer?’ As a business person in this industry I can’t think of a thing that is good for the consumer that is bad for me.”

Advocis is particularly concerned with creating a fair playing field for both national service providers and small, independent financial advisors. It’s all about providing choice for the consumer and ensuring a competitive marketplace.

Advocis is a founding member of the Financial Planners Standards Council, which grants the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in Canada.

Advocis also administers and promotes the CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) and CHS (Certified Health Specialist) designations and requires its members to have, or be in the processes of earning, the CLU and CFP designations. This means that clients who turn to Advocis members for financial advice will benefit from a full range of financial services, including estate and retirement planning, wealth management, risk management and tax planning.

Advocis has more than 11,000 members organized in 41 chapters across Canada. The Ottawa chapter, led by President Daniel Blais, is one of the largest, with 500 members. It is actively involved in the community, particularly in support of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which awarded Advocis its 2010 Community Champion Award in recognition of 25 years of support.

Advocis Ottawa has established a bursary at Algonquin College for financial services students and is working with the provincial and federal governments on initiatives to improve financial literacy, particularly among young people.

“If your advisor is not part of Advocis or another member association that is focused on maintaining professional standards in the industry, ask them why not,” Blais advises.

To learn more or to find the Advocis member nearest you, please visit www.advocisottawa.ca or call 613-482-4639.


“Advocis provides a great range of resources for me to use to my advantage, such as its professional development days, events and guest speakers, and opportunities to network with other advisors. I really value the work it does as an independent voice for change in the industry and to represent my interests on the regulatory front.”
– Chris Hodgins, independent financial advisor

“When you have your own financial services practice, your priority is to provide the best service to your clients. The regulatory burden is increasing exponentially and Advocis keeps us up to date with any regulatory changes and compliancy requirements. Advocis’ top notch, web-based Best Practices Manual is an invaluable guide ... I believe Advocis membership should be mandatory to ensure advisors across Canada adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct.”
– Carol Burtonshaw, Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant

PHOTO ABOVE: back row L to R - Kris Birchard, John Saikaley, David Sissing. front row L to R - Brandon Durant,
Lise Belanger-Martens, Daniel Blais, Angela Houle, Dwight Thompson, Jodi Bodkin

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