April 16, 2012
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CIA (Conseillers en informatique d'affaires)

CIA, where 'Business-IT synergy' are more than just buzz words

For 20 years, CIA has helped clients align Business and IT to drive performance

For Philip Read, Regional Vice-President of CIA (Conseillers en informatique d’affaires), helping clients align business and IT begins with one very simple step: communication.

“We encourage our clients to speak freely about their pain points, and we listen,” Read said. “We ask them what is keeping them up at night and make no assumptions about their needs beforehand.”

From its six offices in Canada and France, CIA serves clients, large and small, in the public and private sectors through its business and IT professional services. The CIA team excels in helping clients ensure that their business has the IT support it needs for everyday operations and to catalyze the processes that drive business performance.

“We fully engage with our clients to share their risks and successes,” said Read. “It’s an approach based on our company values of Trust, Honesty, Transparency, Respect and Fun resulting in close relationships with our clients, whom we consider our partners.”
In addition to the core services CIA provides via the expertise of its nearly 400 employee professionals (including the full IT application development and maintenance lifecycle, project management, business analysis, strategic and technology consulting, and quality assurance services), CIA has three key innovative offerings: 

The Business Process Management Centre of Expertise, in partnership with BPTrends Associates, helps clients align and streamline their processes and implement IT solutions that enable them to be responsive to changes in market conditions and in turn share their efficiency gains with their own clients and customers.

S2C2TM Solutions and Services on Cloud Computing delivers IT-enabled business solutions on a hosted cloud computing platform. This allows for more flexible pricing structures and for clients to easily scale up or down as required.
QuebecShoreTM provides bundled remote development and maintenance services which yield 25 to 40 per cent project cost savings without sacrificing service quality or project management oversight.

CIA is qualified under all Federal Government of Canada IT professional services procurement mechanisms, and is embarking on a new growth phase in 2012.  To learn more, please visit www.CIA.ca or call Philip Read at the Ottawa-Gatineau office at 819-771-6446.

PHOTO ABOVE: Philip Read, Regional Vice-President of CIA

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