April 16, 2012
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CTES Training

Custom technical training...without breaking the bank

CTES-SETC Training provides measurable results for clients

When employers think “technical training,” it evokes images of off-the-shelf courseware, often delivered to their employees online, or generic, one-size-fits-all public courses at exorbitant prices. These programs emphasize theory rather than practice, leaving IT professionals frustrated when they return to their jobs and try to apply the skills that they were taught.

In contrast, Jean-Marc Choquette, Founder and President of CTES-SETC Training, promotes a customer-centric approach to technical training that is distinctly different. With his background in education and 20 years of technical training expertise, Choquette’s company provides private and public sector employers with practical training solutions that result in immediate and measurable productivity and performance gains.

“We do not resell any courseware from the big names in technology,” he said. “We are likely the only training firm in Canada that can say that. We have developed our own gap analysis methodology to identify client needs. This allows us to build a program that fits. And unlike other training firms, we will develop programs for only one or two participants at a competitive price.”

CTES-SETC has worked with every major training provider in Canada and has authored over a million pages of technical content. CTES-SETC continually updates its courses to keep abreast of the latest technologies and standards, such as IPV6, VMware and HTML5.

Every training program CTES-SETC develops provides students with real-world problems to work through and reflect upon, using the latest hardware and software from top technology vendors.

Agile and client-focused
From Choquette’s perspective, there is no substitute for having students working face-to-face with instructors and their peers.

“Everyone I have ever talked to who has gone through online training in our specialities has been disappointed,” he said.

CTES-SETC follows the progress of every course with a rigorous quality assurance program, including a mid-course evaluation. This allows Choquette and his training team to make changes, and thus improve the student experience; even develop new training material as required.

“We are a highly agile, client-focused organization,” he said. “Customer satisfaction is our top priority.”

CTES-SETC offers a wide range of IT and management training, including: .NET Framework 4.0; Certified ITIL Foundations and ITIL Expert; Implementing an IT Shared Services Model in the Government of Canada; Professional Oracle Database Tuning and Optimization; The Complete PL/SQL Programming Course; Advanced Cisco Networking; IPv6; VOIP; Business Analysis, Project Management and The Complete UNIX-LINUX Shell Scripting Course, among others.

To learn more about how CTES-SETC can serve your operational or business objectives, or to take a complimentary needs assessment, please visit ctestraining.com or call 613-842-9736.

“CTES-SETC Training provided a comfortable learning environment with knowledgeable and friendly trainers. The scheduling was extremely flexible and allowed for our IT staff to be trained in small groups for the same price as dedicated courses from other providers. With other providers, all of our staff would have had to attend training at once, which would have been too disruptive to our daily operations. The quality of CTES-SETC’s training was excellent with customized material that made the class enjoyable and interesting.”
— Raymond Paxton, Networks Analyst, Canadian Transportation Agency

PHOTO ABOVE: Jean-Marc Choquette, Founder and President of CTES-SETC Training


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