April 16, 2012
Marketing Supplement to Ottawa Business Journal

HCS/Fuelled Networks

Are your IT options giving you a headache?

HCS helps business deal with today and prepare for tomorrow

For more than 30 years, Harris Computer Services has remained at the forefront of technology to help its small and medium-sized business clients maintain productivity and continuity.

Today’s businesses, regardless of whether they employ a few staff or a few thousand, no longer have to rely on hard infrastructure located on the premises. Cloud-based applications such as Software-as-a-Service have allowed even small businesses to use enterprise-scale applications that were once far beyond their means.

HCS provides its clients with the support, counsel and insight they need to understand how today’s cloud services can reduce their costs and sharpen their competitive edge. In Fact, HCS was recently recognized by Microsoft with a TechSelect Partner of the Year New Partnership Award, in part for its expertise in cloud-computing options such as MS Office 365.

To reflect the new realities of cloud and mobile computing, HCS will soon become Fuelled Networks.

“We’re still the same team under the same ownership,” said president Ernie Sherman. ““We’re just changing our name to better represent what we do now and how the needs of our clients have evolved.

“Five years from now, who knows what role the desktop will play in business. Fuelled Networks reflects our appetite for what’s coming next and our focus on adjusting to new business requirements.”

The HCS team goes beyond the day-to-day IT needs of their clients to provide long-term, strategic value. Clients benefit from the personal attention of an account executive, a technical account manager and a dedicated support team. Using best-in-class tools, processes and procedures that are superior to industry standards, HCS’s expert professionals become an extension of the client’s business.

HCS’s boutique service solutions are aligned with a two-vendor approach, in which it maximizes on two chosen providers for each area of the network, to provide its clients with the most knowledgeable support and strategic counsel. This approach ensures the client is only paying for the services, support and infrastructure they require, with the flexibility to easily scale as their needs change.

To learn more about how HCS can support your core business objectives and make sense of the latest advances in cloud computing, virtualization, wireless security or mobile technology, please visit www.hcs.ca or call

Look for us May 1, 2012 as Fuelled Networks: http://www.fuellednetworks.com.

PHOTO ABOVE: Ernie Sherman, President, HCS/Fuelled Networks

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