April 16, 2012
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IDS Systems

 IT shouldn’t be running your organization…

IDS Systems tools technology to your business

“Clients want to see the people who they have entrusted with their IT assets,” said Randy Peckham, Founder, President and Chief Technology Architect of IDS Systems. “Otherwise, IT services can be perceived as a form of insurance – and they hate to pay for insurance.”

For 15 years, IDS has worked throughout the National Capital Region and beyond as a tactical resource and strategic partner that is on-call, on-site and always thinking ahead.

Peckham, Vice-President Adam Crain and their team pride themselves on cutting through the complexity of IT to provide clients with clear options customized to meet individual needs. Today, these options increasingly involve cloud-based services and applications.

With its “People Cloud” approach, IDS provides its clients with the human resources they need, as required, to leverage the cloud and expand beyond their own internal capacity, in as seamless a manner as possible. Its scope of services range from the small business that wants to ensure its IT assets are stable to larger enterprises in need of assistance with technology and procurement strategies as well as those wishing to develop an internal IT department.

Many clients come to see us because their in-house staff simply don’t have time to be up to speed on all the latest technologies and instead can rely only on what they know.

The IDS team includes primarily senior and experienced personnel. Clients benefit from more reliable and efficient service, and can depend on the same dedicated individuals who are intimately familiar with their operations.

“Many clients come to us because their in-house staff simply don’t have the time to be up to speed on all the latest technologies and instead rely only on what they know,” said Peckham. “But if all you have in your tool bag is a hammer, everything is going to look like a nail. Our toolbox is well-loaded with a lot of knowledge and know-how.”

The IDS team operates as professionals, with each member part of a larger, stronger team – each maximizing upon the pool of knowledge of the entire group. They also consider themselves “IT plumbers,” capable of working at the infrastructure, systems, and application levels, with particular expertise in developing complete niche solutions in areas such as network optimization, business continuity, disaster recovery, data centre design and storage architecture.

IDS also utilizes this expertise to deliver its Critical Systems Support service, in which it takes responsibility for a critical system such as virtualized database servers. Clients can depend on IDS for on-site, next-day or better service, coast-to-coast.

To learn more about how IDS can make the People Cloud work for you, visit www. idssystems.com, or call (613) 836-6708


MHPM Project Leaders is Canada’s largest facility project management company. Headquartered in Ottawa, its coast to coast operations have relied on IDS Systems since 2005.

 “We’re a very operational organization without a lot of overhead and a small IT team,” said Raquel Fragante, IT Manager. “IDS is the resource we can rely on for those skill sets that are not economical for us to staff internally. The network engineer who works with us is fantastic and very responsive. We’ve grown from a small to a medium-sized firm, and IDS has helped us to manage that growth prudently to make sure we are staying ahead of issues and balancing our IT spending with other priorities.”

Linda Fawcett, Director of IT Services for the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General, has been a client since the beginning when IDS Systems was a home-based business.

“IDS is an outstanding company and its team is so professional,” she said. “We needed to supplement the expertise of our small in-house IT team and mitigate the risk of staff members being ill or away. With IDS, we have a partner that takes the time to know our business and that we can rely on for occasional needs, such as upgrades, as well as for ongoing support and backup. Let’s face it – technology is what people depend on today  for everything.”
PHOTO ABOVE: Adam Crain, VP Service Delivery and Sr. Technical Architect at client On Call Centre. 


PHOTO ABOVE: David Spillenaar, Springcress President

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