April 16, 2012
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Integra Networks

Your IT virtualization strategy starts here

Integra Networks has been leading with service for almost 30 years

As Ottawa’s leader in server and desktop virtualization, Integra Networks Corporation has been translating the benefits of private cloud computing into bottom line results long before Software as a Service (SaaS) became a buzz word.

Integra Networks was one of the first IT integrators to implement an operational private cloud within the federal government. It continues to be the leader in virtualization technology and is presently working closely with most major federal government departments.

With both the public and private sectors, Integra Networks assists organizations to plan and develop virtualization strategies for their server and desktop infrastructures. Each client’s requirements are first analyzed and then a custom solution is designed and tailored to address their specific needs. Integra Networks also specializes in disaster recovery as well as high availability architectures, which ensure a client’s system resources and data remain available should single components of their infrastructure fail.

“We believe that our role is to help our clients build secure virtual environments that will be used to support their mission-critical business applications, which they can then manage on their own,” said Nagwa Koressa, Integra’s founder, owner and president, and a finalist for this year’s Businesswoman of the Year Awards from the Women’s Business Network of Ottawa.

Putting you in the driver’s seat
The Integra Networks team is made up of seasoned professionals with years of industry experience and specialized knowledge. With every client engagement, they work to transfer their depth of knowledge to the client’s technical staff with practical, hands-on instruction. In fact, Integra Networks maintains its own classroom facility, packed with the latest technology with which they develop and deliver customized training programs.

Since Integra Networks is a certified reseller for most of the industry’s leading vendors, it has the expertise and flexibility to recommend, implement and support the technology that best meets a client’s needs.

“We don’t believe in just building a solution and handing the keys over,” said Koressa. “We work with each client to assess their individual business needs; we then translate those needs into technical requirements, and our technical team then prepares a plan and design for the implementation of the most suitable technologies. As part of our commitment to knowledge transfer, we ensure that the client’s IT staff is left with the necessary skills and documentation to fully support their infrastructure independently.”

Integra Networks’ industry leadership has earned it a host of awards and recognitions, including Top VMware Partner in North America for Thought Leadership from VMware, one of the world’s largest vendors of virtualization software.

Integra Networks sits on both VMware’s North America Partner Advisory Council and the Partner Technical Advisory Board, placing it in a unique position to understand the future direction of virtualization technology and to guide clients accordingly.
Integra Networks is located at 1730 St. Laurent Blvd. To learn more, call 613-526-4945 or visit www.integranetworks.com.

“With (Nagwa Koressa’s) leadership, Integra is renowned in the IT industry and has longstanding relationships – the fruit of her commitment to customer excellence. Many of her innovative ideas and ensuing local initiatives have been adopted as VMware worldwide best practices. I remain grateful to Nagwa as she was a pioneer in Canada to develop a virtualization practice and was instrumental in helping VMware attain its leadership position in the marketplace.”
— Grant Aitken, Country Manager, VMware Canada

PHOTO ABOVE: Nagwa Koressa, Integra’s founder, owner and president.

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