April 16, 2012
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LASI World Skills

To compete on the global stage, you need global talent

The Ottawa Job Match Network makes connections that work

Businesses are providing their goods and services to an increasingly diverse immigrant customer base. Export-oriented enterprises need all the help they can get to drive revenue in foreign markets.

In either scenario, organizations need talented hires who are versed in the customs, culture, language and even bureaucracy of the countries and communities in which they seek to do business. The most qualified candidates are often individuals who are from these countries and communities. But where can an employer turn to find such talent without incurring substantial recruitment, training and integration costs? Each year, hundreds of foreign-trained professionals enter the local workforce. However, hundreds also leave after being frustrated by the challenge of getting their qualifications and experience recognized in the Canadian labour market.

The Ottawa Job Match Network (OJMN) bridges the divide between these jobseekers and the employers who are starving for the talent they need to diversify and strengthen their workforces.

OJMN is a community-based program led by LASI World Skills in partnership with the YMCA-YWCA and the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization, with funding from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. Local employers such as MBNA, Scotiabank, Algonquin College, The University of Ottawa and Royal Bank of Canada have turned to OJMN to serve their HR needs.

OJMN also works with other local employment initiatives such as the Global Experience @ Work program, offered by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, and Hire Immigrants Ottawa.

“We are a one-stop shop for employers to access talented individuals who have been pre-screened and provided with counsel and training to prepare them for easy integration into the Canadian labour market,” said Magdalene Cooman-Maxwell, Director, Employer Engagement, for OJMN. “At any time we have a database of 1,000 jobseekers ready for work. We have been successful in placing over 600 internationally trained individuals over the last four years.”

LASI World Skills is a leader in providing information, tools and resources to new immigrants as well as employers. In addition to the Ottawa Job Match Network, LASI also offers cross-cultural communication workshops for employers and HR diversity management services to help employers create recruitment, onboarding and retention support strategies that build inclusive and immigrant-friendly workplaces. It also offers a number of opportunities for employers to network with jobseekers or volunteer for coaching sessions and workshops that help jobseekers carry out a successful job search.

To learn more about how OJMN can help you find your next great full-time, part-time, or contract hire, visit www.ottawa-worldskills.org, call 613-233-0453 ext 325 or email Andy@ottawa-worldskills.org

“We hire internationally trained professionals because we want our employee base to be reflective of our increasingly diverse student base. These hires often have skill sets, global experience and an international perspective that’s of great value to us in producing the best graduates. The Ottawa Job Match Network is an excellent resource because it prepares jobseekers for the Canadian workplace, which helps us to integrate them more quickly into our environment.”
— Denyce Diakun, Director, Workforce and Personal Development, Algonquin College

“The Ottawa Job Match Network provides us with access to pre-screened jobseekers who regularly surpass our expectations. These are individuals with work experience in their home countries in roles with government agencies and private companies. We pioneered the Federal Internship for Newcomers Program at Citizenship and Immigration Canada to do our part for newcomers and provide these talented individuals with invaluable Canadian work experience and security clearance. The response from our partner government departments, as well as private sector employers eager for these qualified and experienced hires, has been fantastic. Organizations such as the Ottawa Job Match Network are crucial to the success of our program.”
— Corinne Prince-St-Amand, Director General, Foreign Credentials Referral Office, Citizenship and Immigration Canada

PHOTO ABOVE: Magdalene Cooman-Maxwell, Director, Ottawa Job Match Network

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