April 16, 2012
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Building harmony between both sides of the wall

Miriton offers one stop shop for commercial renos, fit-ups

With any kind of facility renovation, how the space works is just as important as how the space looks. The aesthetic design of a space must take into account the functional aspects and what lies behind the wall.

But the aesthetic and design phase of a project typically proceeds with little input from the engineering side. Crucial decisions are made without a full understanding of the fit and interference with the building’s existing structure and systems. This shortfall in coordination and communication often leads to missed deadlines and project cost overruns.

Miriton is challenging this status quo with an integrated approach to commercial renovation and fit up that is unique in the Ottawa market. After 15 years providing first-rate facilities engineering design and support for existing commercial space, Miriton is expanding its services to also include interior design.

“With Miriton, clients now have the convenience of one single point of contact to manage their entire project from concept to completion as well as for ongoing operational support,” said Philip Ratcliffe, owner and president of Miriton. “Their project is managed with one cohesive design that incorporates fit, form and function from the start.”

This approach reduces time, cost and risk for businesses that can’t afford to put their operations on hold or miss their lease deadlines. Miriton has the expertise under one roof to get it done right.

“Before joining Miriton, I was in a management position where I regularly hired and worked with engineering firms,” said Michelle Irving, Designer. “I’ve never seen a team that is so detail-oriented, customer-focused and committed to ensuring that a project comes together under one consistent standard of quality without surprises.”

Miriton works on projects ranging from single-office fit ups up to renovations of multi-tenant office buildings, and manufacturing, institutional and research facilities. To learn more, visit www.miriton.com or call 613-722-5486.

PHOTO ABOVE: Left to right: Kellen, Nancy, Phil, Michelle, Sandy, Craig.

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