April 16, 2012
Marketing Supplement to Ottawa Business Journal


'We work hard to earn and retain your trust'

The Scotiabank Way - "practical advice, custom-fit solutions, excellent service"

Scotiabank serves its commercial clients with a consistent team approach in which relationships are built face to face. This was especially reassuring to clients throughout the recent financial crisis.

“We always listen to what our clients are telling us,” said Luigi Bastianelli, Director Commercial Banking & Market Lead Ottawa & Ontario East/West Quebec, Regions. “By listening, we are better equipped to provide Practical Advice and Banking Solutions, which are structured, to custom fit each client”

In today’s complex world, businesses need a bank that is willing to stand up as a strategic business advisor and partner in their long-term success. Expertise is drawn from all areas of Scotiabank’s operations to provide each client with a bigger toolbox of financial services and to create a Scotiabank Commercial Team with the specific skills and experience they need.
Bastianelli and his team – which includes Rick Vanstone, Director and Group Lead, Scotiabank Commercial Banking, and Jeff Drinkwater, Director and Group Lead, Credit Solutions, – take the same approach with every client. It doesn’t matter if that client is a local family business, a growing enterprise with international operations, or the local subsidiary of a multinational.

Scotiabank clients can also expect their bank to come to them.

“We always learn something new when we visit a client’s place of business,” Bastianelli said. “These regular and frequent touch points are essential to truly understand our clients’ changing needs.
For more information on Scotiabank and its commercial services, please visit www.scotiabank.com or call Luigi Bastianelli at 613-564 5142.

Canadian Bank Note Company provides clients in Canada, the Caribbean, South America and other international markets with secure documents, software systems, and hardware devices to stop document fraud and related criminal activity.
“Scotiabank is a partner in our business that is always there to support us seven days a week,” said CFO Craig Bascombe. “They do a great job supporting both our domestic and international operations. I don’t need to have a deep understanding of the bank’s various services and departments. All I need to do is call Luigi and he sets us up with whatever we need, from financing strategic capital investments to hedging foreign currency risks.”

CazaSaikaley SRL/LLP is a new boutique law firm which needed a banking partner familiar with the needs and realities of a new professional services firm.
“We found Scotiabank to be very sensitive and reassuring as business advisors about what we would have to work through to start-up operations,” said Ronald F. Caza, a partner with the firm. “They worked to ensure we were not spending more money than we needed to and even proposed a method of financing that meant less profit for the bank. Not only did they meet our tight deadlines, they exceeded them and didn’t take advantage of us or the situation. We really felt that they were our partner in this venture.”

101.9 DAWG FM is an Ottawa blues and rock station that needed a banking relationship which could meet its current needs and easily scale with future growth.
“One thing that really impressed me was Scotiabank’s in-house resources – the team that worked with our (Scotiabank) account manager was able to make prompt decisions and get back to us in a very timely manner. I’ve never seen that with any other bank in 20 years in business. They really did their homework to get a handle on how our business, and our sector, operates. Scotiabank is also very active in the community and that fits with what we do as a radio station.” ‑Ed Torres, Chairman and CEO.

PHOTO ABOVE: Left to right: Jeff Drinkwater Director & Group Lead, Credit Solutions; Luigi Bastianelli - Director Commercial Banking & Market Lead Ottawa & Ontario East/West Quebec, Regions; Richard Vanstone Director & Group Lead, Commercial Banking


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