April 16, 2012
Marketing Supplement to Ottawa Business Journal

TK Financial Group

Run your business, not your group retirement plan

TK Wealth Management specializes in SMEs

Steve Roeske, President of TK Wealth Management, tells the story of the client near retirement who believed their company pension would be $59,000 a year only to discover that $59,000 was all they had.

Employers have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure an employee is fully informed on the details of their group retirement plan. But business owners and HR staff simply do not have the time or expertise to discuss a group plan in the context of each individual employee’s financial situation and retirement goals.

This is where TK Wealth Management comes in. With an emphasis on personal contact, customer service and consumer education, Roeske and his team of financial advisors help employers develop cost-effective, long-term retirement strategies that support employee recruitment and retention.

“We are the multidisciplinary specialists who take the responsibility and the headache away from the very limited resources of the HR department or the busy business owner,” said Roeske.

TK advisors use products and services from financial institutions and insurance companies to tailor Group RRSPs, Deferred Profit Sharing Plans or Defined Contribution Plans. Roeske and his team are also optimistic about the value they can provide clients with the new Pooled Registered Pension Plan (PRPP).

Best of all, TK assists employers with recommended plan provisions, investment solutions and lends its expertise for the implementation of a group plan.

TK Wealth Management will sit with every new hire and current employee to talk about their needs, risk tolerance, current investments, financials, insurance coverage and tax-saving opportunities. Each employee benefits from the guidance of a financial planner who acts as a “personal CFO” to develop a suitable, reasonable and prudent plan that includes exit strategies for retirement or termination. And TK maintains ongoing relationships with employees to serve their changing needs.

As part of TK Financial Group, TK Wealth Management can also provide for employees’ and employers’ estate planning and various insurance needs, as well as tap into a network of legal, financial and accounting professionals as required.

To learn more about how TK Wealth Management can help your business attract and retain top talent, visit www. tkfg.ca or call 613-728-7030.

PHOTO ABOVE: Steve Roeske, CMA, President of TK Wealth Management

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