April 16, 2012
Marketing Supplement to Ottawa Business Journal

WelchGroup Consulting

Build your business to last decades, but be prepared to sell tomorrow!

WelchGroup helps owners drive business performance and build sustainable and transferable value

Millions of private businesses will change hands over the next two decades as baby boomers look to retire. Owners must take a hard look at their companies and ask themselves if they are building a business that has real value they could unlock if an opportunity presented itself or a sudden situation required it.

This demands a shift in an owner’s mindset to understand the difference between chasing profits and building an operational asset. But the day-to-day grind of stomping brush fires leaves little time to understand this difference and make decisions that are value focused.

“Owners are finding themselves at a crossroads,” said Candace Enman, COO of WelchGroup Consulting. “They want to grow their business, but aren’t sure how to get to the next level. They are worried about maintaining control (accountability and keeping their hands in everything) and transitioning. What they need is a baseline diagnostic of where they are today and a plan to take them where they want to go, combined with the guidance of outside individuals who have worked through the challenges of operating a business.”

WelchGroup addresses this need with Chairman’s View.

Chairman’s View is a standards-based, quantitative methodology developed from research at MIT, combined with extensive hands-on mentoring from a network of independent business owners and executives, or Chairmen.

Chairman’s View takes business owners through a three-phase process that weighs the strengths, weaknesses and market opportunities of their business with a series of “driver scores,” creates a custom-tailored action plan to build value, and ensures a successful outcome with a range of metrics and benchmarks.

“We help clients begin the dialogue that is crucial to putting their business on the right track for both long-term growth and a near-term exit,” said Enman.

If you want to assess whether your business is on the right track and learn how to build transferable value, visit www.w-group.com or call 613-236-9191 to learn more.

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