A painless view of the big picture

TK Financial Group understands your business dynamics

Milan Topolovec may not have been a quarterback during his years as a professional football player, but he certainly sees himself as one in his role as President and CEO of TK Financial Group.
“What I do is build around me the winning team the client needs,” he said. “The centre of our universe is the client. I put the pieces together and drive the process.”

TK Financial Group provides its corporate, self-employed and professional clientele with a comprehensive range of financial services that include Estate Planning, Life Insurance Planning, Wealth Management and Group RRSP Planning.

Many people first come to TK for an insurance product, but Topolovec wastes little time in helping them take a broader look at the full scope of their estate and family planning needs.

“An insurance product is just a bag of cash,” he said. “The key is making sure that cash is applied in the best way to ensure the wheels don’t come off the wagon. We don’t push product. We push the broad solution.”

TK Group partners with a number of insurance companies, investment managers, and accounting and legal firms to provide clients with the broadest range of options, combined with the impartial and expert counsel they need to make an informed decision.

“Nothing pleases me more than helping a client sell their business and pocket $5 million without having to pay tax on it because of how our advisory team has been able to organize and structure the estate,” Topolovec said.

This team will include all of a client’s advisors – lawyer, accountant, banker and investment specialist. In those instances where a client is lacking the support of a specific professional, Topolovec will tap into his own vast network to fill the gap.

“When was the last time your lawyer and your accountant were in the same room working together on your behalf?” he said. “We ensure egos are left at the door and nothing is missed.”  

Connecting the dots for Promomedia Group
This service-first approach has been particularly valuable to Promomedia Group.

When Promomedia Group executives Dan Rochette and Martin Weber engaged Topolovec to complete an insurance audit, he took them through a big-picture exercise that included tax and estate planning and shareholder agreements.

“Milan took on the daunting task that we had avoided for a very long time and made this a very easy process,” said Weber. “I wished afterwards that we had done this a lot sooner.”

The process was particularly valuable to Rochette who, in addition to his involvement with Promomedia, has ownership stakes in several companies. Topolovec helped Rochette reorganize his business ownership structure and take advantage of all tax planning opportunities.

“The critical component of this was that Milan was forcing the agenda,” Rochette said. “We had established some timelines and we sat down and met regularly. Otherwise, I don’t think we would have gotten it accomplished.”

TK Financial Group works with clients in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, and also provides educational seminars for professional services firms. Contact us today for a complimentary TK Insurance Audit™/MD and be confident that you have left nothing to chance.

Contact TK Financial Group today for a complimentary audit and be confident that you have left nothing to chance.

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