An investment in yourself

LC Fitness’s personal approach makes all the difference

Tommy Martin, 32, has been active for most of his life, but, after university, the daily grind of a desk job began to take its toll on his overall health. An avid runner, he laced up and attempted to get back into the swing of things several times, but found himself saddled with repeat injuries.

Disappointed by the poor service, noise and distraction typical of a big corporate fitness chain, he was eager to find an alternative that would be more responsive to his needs.

Tommy came to an open house at LC Fitness Studio, spoke with existing clients about their experiences and won a package of free sessions with owner and personal trainer Lucas Couturier.

At LC Fitness, Tommy found an intimate and friendly environment far different than what he had experienced at the big corporate chain. He soon learned that his repeat injuries were not just the result of poor conditioning, but of poor dietary and lifestyle habits, which had inhibited his body’s ability to heal and recover.

Over the next several months Lucas guided Tommy back to top physical condition, with a regimen of exercise and diet that trimmed his waistline, improved his energy level and made him far more productive and alert on the job.
The results have more than justified the investment.

“Trust is the main thing,” said Tommy. “And the more results I see, the more trust I have in Lucas.”

The emphasis on one-on-one personal training and coaching extends beyond the studio. Even at work, faced with a lunch out with his colleagues, Tommy can rely on Lucas to be only an email away to review a menu and suggest options that will keep his program on track.

In addition to such personal service, it is the sense of fellowship among the clients that keeps Tommy coming back.
“There is a community here that you won’t find at a big gym,” he said. “We stay in touch and support and encourage each other even outside of the studio.”

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