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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the nomination criteria?

1.     Nominees must be 39 years or younger at the end of June. 

2.     Preference is given to nominees who work in the private sector. However, nominees can work for a non-profit organization; in either case, nominees will be assessed on demonstrated business achievements that advance the goals and objectives of their respective organization;

3.     Nominees must spend the majority of their work time in the National Capital Region;

4.     Nominees must be an owner, executive, manager, professional or person with significant business decision-making authority.

When can I nominate someone?
Nominations open in January. They close at the end of March.

How long will the nomination process take to complete?
The nomination process is designed to be straightforward and succinct. It often takes 60 minutes to complete; perhaps less if the nominee has an up-to-date resume. It's also good to start with a very clear sense of the nominees business accomplishments.

How do I nominate someone?
Click here to submit a nomination.
Please note you will be redirected to another site where you will be required to register and/or login. Follow the directions on the new site to complete your nomination. (Paper nominations will not be accepted. You must use the online nomination system.)

Can I nominate myself?
Yes. There is no disadvantage to self-nomination.

Can I ask the nominee or someone else to review the nomination?
Yes. There is no disadvantage to having multiple people review the nomination before submitting it for judging. Please note that employees of the Ottawa Business Journal and/or the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, or members of the judging committee cannot review a nomination prior to submission. (Click here for a document that outlines the process for allowing someone to review the nomination online.) 

Can I nominate multiple people?

Yes, you can nominate as many people as you like. (Click here for a document that outlines the process for nominating multiple people.)

Can I co-nominate two or more business partners for one award?
No. Only individuals can receive a Forty Under 40 award. Please enter one name per application. (If two names appear on an application, it will be disqualified.)

Can multiple employees of the same company be nominated?
Yes. However, only one recipient from a company will typically be chosen. (Exceptions may be made in the case of large companies with multiple divisions.)

Can I nominate someone who has already received a Forty Under 40 Award?
No. People can only receive the award once. (Click here to see a list of past recipients.)

Can I nominate someone that has been nominated before, but not won?
Yes. In fact, it often takes a few applications until nominees are successful. We encourage nominees to update and improve their submissions each year, rather than submit the exact same nomination.

Can I access last year's nomination?
No. The system does not allow for access to any previous submitted nominations.

How many applications do you receive each year?
Each year we receive approximately 150-200 nominations. But don’t get discouraged! If you do not receive the award one year, we encourage you to apply again. Many past recipients have applied two or three times before winning.

I started a "test" nomination, how do I remove it from the system?
Nominations can be withdrawn at any point in the nomination process. (Click here for a document that outlines the steps to withdraw a nomination.)

What questions are asked in the online nomination program?
Click here to view a pdf document that outlines all of the questions asked in the online nomination system.
(Please note this document cannot be used to submit a nomination - it is for example purposes only.)

What are the judges looking for in the resume?

The judges are not looking for a lot of detail or explanation. They simply want to see the nominee's career path.

What are the judges looking for under business achievement? 
The business achievement section should include objective facts about the nominee’s most significant business achievement(s) and how their company has grown through their leadership. Please use facts, figures, and quantitative measurements (dollars or percentage) when referencing growth.

What are the judges looking for under professional expertise?
Judges are looking to assess whether the nominee is outstanding in their field of expertise. Educational credentials, awards and distinctions, speeches at conferences, and media articles are all great ways to highlight the nominee’s expertise.

What are the judges looking for under community involvement? 
Don't overlook this; it often separates recipients from non-recipients. Judges look for people who actively participate and take leadership roles in the community over those who simply hold membership in various groups. Include detailed information about the results of the volunteerism. 

Are everyone’s references contacted?
No, your references will only be contacted if a judge requires more detailed information on a specific item.

What is the judging process?
All nominations are individually scored by several judges from Ottawa Business Journal, the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and the local business community against a 40-point system: 20 points for business accomplishments, 10 points for expertise in their field and 10 points for community and charitable activities. Using the aggregate scores as their primary criteria, the judges then collectively select 40 recipients by consensus. Nominees can be disqualified for dishonourable conduct, such as a criminal conviction, or other considerations as determined by the judging committee. Lying or falsifying information in the nomination process will result in the nomination being rejected. Recipients are not chosen for any one specific reason, but rather for their diverse range of accomplishments, expertise and community involvement.

When will I know if I am an award recipient?
Recipients will be notified by email in late April. The names of all award recipients will also be announced in the Ottawa Business Journal around this time. Closer to the awards gala, this year's recipients will be profiled in Ottawa Business Journal.

Will everyone be informed, regardless if they are an award recipient?
Yes, both recipients and non-recipients will be sent an email.

Is my information kept confidential?
Yes, only the judging committee will review the information provided in the online nomination. Please note that the names and company names of the forty selected recipients will be published in Ottawa Business Journal and online at www.obj.ca. Names and company names of non-recipients will not be published. No other information provided in the nomination will be shared publicly. Contact information will be used to update recipients about the next steps the awards process. 

How can I become more involved with the Forty Under 40 awards?
We have a number of sponsorship opportunities available for the Forty Under 40 awards. For more information, please contact Susan Blain at susan@ottawabusinessevents.ca.


I still have more questions!
If you have more questions regarding Forty Under 40, please contact Ottawa Business Events info@ottawabusinessevents.ca or 613-236-7029.





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