Henschel Business Services Inc.

Run your business, not your books

Leave the bookkeeping to the team at Henschel Business Services Inc.

Dr. Vikas Dhawan is your typical entrepreneur – he is always looking for the next opportunity. 

He learned early on that the recipe for success is to stick with your core competencies, and rely on trusted service providers for everything else. This includes the financial aspects of running a business, such as bookkeeping, payroll and tax remittances.

Dr. Dhawan launched his first business in 2003, a chiropractic office. In that busy first year, he was a one-man show. 

“At that point, I didn’t want to deal with doing all my day-to-day bookkeeping,” he said. “It was important that I had it done properly from the get go.”

Dr. Dhawan turned to professional bookkeeper Marilyn Henschel.

“With Marilyn’s help, I was able to focus on growing my business and become profitable in the first year so I could hire staff,” he said. 

At that time, Henschel was a one-woman operation. Today, she is founder and president of Henschel Business Services Inc. (HBS). She has grown HBS into one of the largest dedicated bookkeeping firms in Canada, with a team of 21.

HBS has become that rare bookkeeping firm with the resources to scale with the needs of its clients’ growing businesses. 

Henschel and Dr. Dhawan have grown together. From his first modest location, Dr. Dhawan has expanded into a multi-disciplinary practice that includes chiropractic, massage therapy, physiotherapy and psychotherapy. Today, he has 16 practitioners at his head office on St. Laurent Boulevard. He is also building up a second location on Baseline Road.

Through it all, the consistent and expert support of Henschel, and then of her team at HBS, has been crucial.

“They’ve allowed me to stay on top of my numbers, without having to manage the books myself,” he said. “That’s given me the insight to know when I’m stretching myself too thin, or seeing a poor return, so I can make better business decisions.”

Because of HBS’s internal procedures and processes, and its emphasis on having at least two bookkeepers versed on each client’s account, Dr. Dhawan can
always trust that his business will be well-served in a timely and reliable fashion.

“It’s seamless, it flows, it doesn’t disrupt my business,” Dr. Dhawan said. “As an entrepreneur, it just makes sense to trust these aspects of my business to the professionals.”

HBS: The business behind your business

“We think it can be a huge waste of time and resources for most business owners to even attempt to keep their books, prepare payroll or calculate government remittances,” said Henschel. “Because bookkeeping is compliance-based, governed by many rules and regulations, it’s the perfect ‘job’ to outsource.”

It’s also the kind of job that should be left to an objective, third-party specialist, rather than well-meaning friends or family. From secure off-site servers that allow remote access over the Web, to
professional business coaching for its team, HBS is always striving to serve its clients better. In fact, much of its business is referrals from local accounting firms.

“We want to work with you to help you grow your business,” said Henschel.

HBS works with sole proprietors, NPOs, charities, as well as SMEs with multiple locations and dozens of staff. To learn more, please visit www.hbsbookkeeping.com or call 613-738-3003.