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A bright idea for your business from the CTC

Home of the Sens taps conservation programs for lighting overhaul  

Those old lighting fixtures may look innocent enough, but odds are, they are burning a hole in your pocket.

Incandescent, traditional fluorescent, and larger commercial/industrial-grade lighting such as metal halide and halogen—these lighting technologies consume a lot of energy and, for some applications, provide poor performance. 

But upgrading or retrofitting an existing system in your business costs money. Despite the operational cost savings that can result, the upfront expense can be a tough pill to swallow.

Lighting up the CTC

The Canadian Tire Centre (CTC), home of the Ottawa Senators, was no exception.

Lighting is key to the fan experience. The CTC relied on a bulky system of metal halide and quartz halogen fixtures, 344 in all, that could take as long as 18 minutes to reach full strength.  

This system was costly and complicated to operate. The CTC management decided it was time to upgrade to LEDs, or light emitting diodes.

Businesses in Ontario, be they large or small, don’t have to fund this kind of retrofit entirely out of their own pockets. They can take advantage of various energy conservation programs offered by the Province of Ontario in partnership with regional utilities, such as Hydro Ottawa. These saveONenergy programs were created for the express purpose of helping businesses replace the old equipment with the new energy efficient equipment.

The CTC replaced that 344-fixture system with 144 LEDs. The new LED system offers new features and better light quality while reducing operating and maintenance costs.  

The changeover has allowed the CTC to cut its power consumption by one million kilowatt-hours a year. That’s enough electricity to power almost 140 households.

“Upgrading our lighting system is another one of our hockey club’s initiatives under our #SensVision25 plan which will take us up to 2017, our 25th season in the National Hockey League,” said Cyril Leeder, President of Senator Sports and Entertainment. “It is a remarkable example of how technological advancements are improving the way we do things and making our lives a little bit better.”

Where you can start

What saveONenergy programs can help your business cut its energy costs, just like the CTC did?

One place to start is the Small Business Lighting Program, in which up to $1,500 worth of lighting in your small business can be upgraded, at no cost to you.

Another is the Retrofit Program, which the CTC used. This can cover up to 50 per cent of the cost for a project that will improve the energy efficiency of your business.

To learn more about these programs, and the full range of conservation programs that may be available for your business, please visit www.hydroottawa.com/business/conservation