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Champions with big hearts

Waterbridge Creative helps make a difference for veterans, local kids 

In a few short years, the dynamic team at Waterbridge Creative Media has made a big splash in the Ottawa market by helping area businesses tap into the marketing power of new media and video promotion. 

But what really ingnites the team’s passion is donating its time and expertise to support local charities that resonate with Waterbridge’s own heartfelt values.

“The work we do in the community goes beyond organizational friendship,” said Nik Topolovec, Managing Partner. “The great people behind these fantastic charities become personal friends. Their causes become ours, too.”

Helping veterans make a fresh start in civilian life

Thousands of Canadian service men and women return to civilian life each year. These are individuals, and their families, who have made sacrifices day after day in service to their country. Adjusting to civilian life and integrating into the civilian workforce can be challenging. They need help to adapt their professional experience in the military to a new career path.

Canada Company is a non-partisan charity that works to ensure our veterans receive the support, care and recognition they deserve. One way is through its Military Employment Transition (MET) Program. MET’s mandate is to build connections between veterans and leaders in the public and private sectors who will offer employment opportunities.

In support of MET, Waterbridge produced testimonial videos, created print marketing collateral, and developed an online video curriculum workshop designed for military personnel to help them with job search, resume building and interview strategies.  

 “Waterbridge was absolutely essential as we launched MET in breaking down the various elements of what a transitioning veteran must do to present those great skills they have in a very effective way,” said Blake Goldring, Founder and Chairman of Canada Company. “Their enthusiasm, their creativity, their energy level, but must importantly, the professionalism Waterbridge brings has taken us to a whole new level.”

Making grey skies blue for CHEO

Every year, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) handles about 75 new diagnoses of childhood cancer and helps children, youth and their families through this difficult journey. The CN Cycle for CHEO is the hospital’s largest pediatric cancer fundraiser.

After raising a record $726,000 in 2013, the event organizers wanted to make 2014 bigger and better. Waterbridge Media donated its time and expertise to run a month-long social media program to raise awareness and encourage more people to participate.

“What we saw from Waterbridge was a lot of energy and creativity,” said Kevin Keohane, President and CEO of the CHEO Foundation. “We really liked the way they interacted with us and our donors. They created some really great products to promote CN Cycle.”

The biggest impact as a result of Waterbridge’s efforts was seen on CHEO’s Facebook page. Total reach went from an average of three people in March 2014 to a high of 533 in April 2014. Average daily viral impressions jumped from an average of two in March to 561 in April and 977 in May 2014.

The result? The event smashed past its fundraising target of $750,000 to reach almost $814,000, despite uncooperative weather that made for a grey, rainy day.

“Waterbridge helped us to reach out to our supporters in new and different ways,” said Keohane. “They definitely played a role in attracting new participants and insulated us from what could have been a disappointing result given the weather. What really impressed me was their energy and professionalism.”

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