Hydro Ottawa

Don’t get your hand stuck in the jelly jar

Hydro Ottawa offers up to $1,500 in free high-efficiency lighting for small business

How many web designers does it take to change a light bulb?

For Jeff Horne and the team at digital workshop Industrial, this wasn’t the set up for a clever punch line, but a regular annoyance.

The Westboro office, retrofitted into a modern yet industrial space, features 30-some jelly jar-style fixtures in wire cages. They are difficult to open and the incandescent bulbs were in frequent need of replacement.

One day, Hydro Ottawa came knocking to talk about the benefits of the saveONenergy Small Business Lighting program, through which it provides and installs up to $1,500 worth of energy-efficient lighting at no cost to the customer.

The Industrial team decided to jump at the opportunity.

“It was so simple and there was a minimal amount of paperwork,” Horne said. “The Hydro Ottawa representative identified all the lights that were a fit for the program and a couple of weeks later, a technician came and replaced all our incandescent bulbs with LEDs.”

The Small Business Lighting Program offers a variety of high-efficiency lighting options, but the new star is light emitting diodes, or LEDs. These consume only 10 per cent of the energy of an incandescent bulb, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can last for a decade or more.

“LEDs are the most effective way to reduce energy use and improve lighting conditions,” said Richard Thorne, Hydro Ottawa’s Supervisor of Energy Conservation. “They are the new standard for lighting technology and there has been a tremendous reduction in the cost per bulb over the past year.”

For Industrial, the benefits extend beyond just reducing the office’s energy use and saving the hassle of changing bulbs.

“Many of our employees have an environmental focus themselves and they were very interested to see us doing this,” Horne said. “The overall quality and comfort of the lighting in the office has dramatically improved as well.”

Retire those old lights today

Businesses that previously took advantage of this program when it covered up to $1,000 in new lighting now qualify for up to an additional $500 in free lighting upgrades.

To learn more about all the conservation programs available to local businesses, please visit hydroottawa.com/saveonenergy.