Building a better Ottawa

Updated on August 10, 2016 - Ottawa city planner Alain Miguelez brings a world of experience to a job that comes with more than its fair share of challenges.

Ottawa needs more neighbourhoods with their own distinct personality, such as Chinatown, city planning officials say. 

Ottawa's ugly planning history

Updated on July 28, 2016 - How many bad decisions can one region’s planners make? Lots, if you are talking about the city of Ottawa.


Why be house-rich and cash-poor?

Updated on July 12, 2016 - Who couldn’t use an extra few thousand dollars a year in spending money? The cost of borrowing is close to record lows, yet many of...


Heady days for Ottawa’s retail market

Updated on June 28, 2016 - Business is booming at two of Ottawa’s biggest regional shopping malls – the Rideau Centre and Bayshore Shopping Centre – and the...

Other news

Other news