Employees’ Choice Awards: 360pi committed to making work fun

Mark Brownlee
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Alexander Rink knows the lines that exist between work and personal life are more blurred than ever. That’s why he tries to make working at 360pi as enjoyable and as easy as possible.

Alexander Rink is the CEO of 360pi.

“The work environment is just an extension of our life,” he says. “And we all want our lives to be as great as possible, so why not make the work environment as great as possible and be just as much a cohesive part of your life that you enjoy as anything else that you do?”

To Mr. Rink, the company’s CEO, that means understanding that sometimes people will need to tend to personal matters in the office and work from home.

That’s why he doesn’t want to make employees feel like it’s going to be difficult to ask the company for flexibility. For him, that means having enough trust in his employees to know that they are trying their best even if they need to nip out to take a sick child to the doctor.

But unlike at some companies, Mr. Rink doesn’t feel that fostering a work environment is as simple as sprinkling in an incentive here or there.

“There needs to be a philosophy and a commitment,” he says. “Anything that you give as a list of things to implement or tactics are not going to work unless you have that philosophy and commitment in the first place.”

One thing I always say to people in interviews is …‘It’s not only us choosing you, but it’s you choosing us as well.’ It’s not an imbalanced relationship.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t perks to working at 360pi, which acts as a price intelligence and competitor monitoring solution for retailers.

The company holds special events such as whitewater rafting and bowling excursions, while also taking part in charity work such as a turkey drive for the Ottawa Mission. Employees were also allowed to decorate one of the office’s conference rooms.

It all comes down to creating a company where employees actually want to come to work.

“I’ve been in companies where I just didn’t enjoy the day-to-day experience of working there … (so) one of my commitments was to create an environment where that wasn’t the case and where people would enjoy what they’re doing,” he says.


FOUNDED:  2008


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Geographic location: Ottawa

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