FASTEST GROWING COMPANIES #1: Martello, Mitel a perfect match

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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, the old adage goes.

Niall Gallagher, Doug Bellinger and Bruce Linton of Martello Technologies

by Jacob Serebrin

But for Martello Technologies CEO Bruce Linton, a single huge basket containing a lot of eggs – read: one major business partner with a lot of clout – is just fine by him.

“Is it an issue to have a close partner? The answer is that it’s an advantage,” Mr. Linton says.

Martello Technologies’ MarWatch software platform is aimed at Mitel service providers and resellers, allowing them to find and fix problems on their cloud-hosted business communications networks.

It’s a line of business that has led to a particularly close and fruitful relationship between Martello and its much larger Kanata cousin.

“The assumption is that unless you have 10 companies – which could all be competitors – that you’re working with to get somewhere, that’s not a good strategy,” Mr. Linton says. “That’s kind of true in some textbook, but if you actually really, really want to become the partner, the vendor and get to all the clients, you should really put as much focus as you can with that one partner.”

By working side-by-side with a single collaborator, “they know they can trust you, they know they can turn to you and you’re already in the accounts working with them,” he says.

Mitel, of course, has experienced its own share of rapid growth and made a number of recent acquisitions. It’s also in the process of shifting towards solely offering a cloud-based business communications platform and away from a combined hardware and software product.

Mr. Linton says that has only benefited Martello, which provides software-as-a-service solutions in the cloud.

“To get growth, you need at least a couple of points of leverage,” he explains. “Those are two things that really work in your favour when you’re their software partner for network management and quality service. That’s what it’s about, that’s why we’re here and that’s why next year doesn’t look like much more than an extension of the curve at the current rate.”

In fact, he says, the company’s ascent has “only just begun.”

But he knows growth doesn’t just come from partnerships – it also requires a quality product. While Martello is “is solving a problem for a terrific vendor,” Mr. Linton says, “the problem is in the eyes of its end client.”

That means that Martello has to not only work with Mitel and have a deep understanding of its products, it also has to research how Mitel’s clients are operating those networks and providing service to their own customers, says Niall Gallagher, Martello’s chief technology officer and co-founder.

“We try to spend time in Mitel’s end customers’ shoes and try to see what their pain points are when they’re operating Mitel networks,” he says.

Year founded: 2009

Local head count: 25

Key markets or customers: Mitel service providers and resellers

Product or service: MarWatch fault and performance management software-as-a-service platform for Mitel business communication solutions

Growth percentage: 602.4%


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