Employees’ Choice Awards: ‘Transparency’ a source of pride for Pleora

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The Employees' Choice Awards were handed out Feb. 25 at the Marshes Golf Club. From Feb. 29 to March 11, OBJ is profiling one winner a day. Today, we feature Pleora Technologies.

Pleora Technologies wants to ensure its employees are in the know.

by Jacob Serebrin 

Pleora Technologies says employee engagement starts with giving workers all the information they need to succeed.

“I think what makes Pleora unique is how transparent we are with our employees, so they know exactly what’s going on,” says Jean Moss, the vice-president of human resources at the video interface developer. “Transparency with respect to our financials, transparency with respect to our customers, the good, the bad and the ugly, we share all of that.”

It’s not just so employees know what’s happening at the firm, she says. It’s also about showing them they are helping to drive the company’s corporate strategy.

“As an executive team, we felt it was extremely important to share all of these things with the employees because they can have some fantastic ideas,” she says. “If we’re not informing them of all these things, how could they come up with suggestions? So we figure, if we arm them with as much information as possible for them to be effective in their roles, but also to step outside that box and also bring ideas forward, that’s what innovation is all about.”

Ms. Moss says that level of transparency also helps encourage collaboration among employees, leading to new and better ways of doing things.

“Innovation isn’t just about innovative products, it’s also about innovative processes,” she explains.

For example, Pleora is currently implementing what it calls “workout sessions.” First pioneered by General Electric, these are meetings at which employees can bring up any problems they see in the organization, discuss possible solutions and present them to a senior executive who has to approve or reject them on the spot.

Programs like this require the executive team to have a great deal of trust and confidence in its staff, Ms. Moss says. Consequently, the firm’s rigorous hiring process requires candidates with more than just a high level of technical skill.

“If you don’t match our value set here, we won’t hire you,” Ms. Moss says.

But once that hiring decision has been made, she says she likes to stick by it.

“We basically trust until proven otherwise,” she says. “We’ve made the decision to hire you. We’re going to do everything possible to make you successful, and part of making you successful is that trust.”

Pleora Technologies

Founded: 2000

Employees: 62

ECAs: 1

What it’s doing right:

Trusting its employees

Encouraging them to bring forward new ideas and new processes

Organizations: General Electric

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