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Ottawa, ON
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Phone: 613-238-1818
Sales Fax: 613-248-4564
Editorial Fax: No faxes, please e-mail editor@obj.ca

Michael Curran (ext. 228), publisher@obj.ca

Peter Kovessy, editor@obj.ca

David Sali (ext. 269), david@greatriver.ca

Art department
Tanya Connolly-Holmes (ext. 253), creative@obj.ca
Regan Van Dusen (ext. 254), rvandusen@obj.ca

Vice-president of sales
Terry Tyo (ext. 268), terry@obj.ca

Director of sales and marketing
Susan Blain (ext. 232); sblain@obj.ca

Advertising and sales
Wendy Baily (ext. 244), wbaily@obj.ca
Karen McNamara (ext. 259), kmcnamara@obj.ca
Susan Salsbury (ext. 229), ssalsbury@obj.ca
Brenda Troke (ext. 226), btroke@obj.ca

Career Advertising & Marketplace Advertising Sales

Walter O'Halloran (ext. 222), wohalloran@obj.ca

Marketing & Events Coordinator
Cheryl Schunk (ext. 231), cschunk@obj.ca
Kally Schokking (ext. 235), kschokking@obj.ca

Accounting Department
Susan Ross (ext. 250), accountant@obj.ca

Subscriptions & Distribution
Patti Moran (ext. 248), subscribe@obj.ca

News Releases
News releases for the Ottawa Business Journal's print or Internet news teams can be e-mailed to editor@obj.ca.

Letters To The Editor

We welcome opinions about any material published in the Ottawa Business Journal or issues of interest to local business people. Only letters with the writer's full name, address and telephone number will be considered for publication. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published, but they might be used to verify authenticity. Letters can be e-mailed to editor@obj.ca.