City Hall

Issues raised over restaurants that nominally serve food, even though true purpose is to act as a lounge or nightclub in evening.
Residents 'don't want to live in a neighbourhood of hotels,' councillor says
City council has approved an extra $500,000 to fix potholes and resurface roads across Ottawa.
Change will also allow for a possible extension into the neighbourhood in the future
Transit badly delayed by closure of Wellington Street
City staff are proposing a new umbrella organization, modelled as an innovation centre for the arts that brings together representatives of local creative industries, to help boost Ottawa
Canada's capital will do everything it can to prevent an attack when it hosts the country's 150th birthday next month but no amount of preparation can guarantee 100 per cent safety, Ottaw
Union says the new laws are unfair and that the city acted in bad faith
Wellington West and Westboro will hold onto their “golden goose” free parking – for now. But the city plans to re-evaluate their parking process.
Sales are down at Ottawa’s oldest farmers markets, but the city has a plan to establish an independent board of directors tasked with bringing them to life again.