Environmental venture is based at University of Ottawa's Enactus incubator.
Ottawa Tourism leads the charge on new wayfinding initiative
The couple “plunked down 100 grand” to buy a 20-ton container of honey without having a clue where they’d store it or who would buy it.
“There has never been a better time to be a Faculty of Engineering student at uOttawa and it will only get better.”
Airbnb hosts will still have to collect the charge, which is expected to raise $12M annually for Ottawa Tourism
Watson is expected to be away from City Hall for several days.
Sending "Faya" a message along with the user’s location generates a list of nearby attractions, such as museums or statues, and a list of things to do.
The unexpected announcement at the start of Wednesday’s council meeting scuttled an expected showdown between the mayor and a group of eight councillors who wanted to raise property taxes by an…
Venerable tourist attraction eyes more interactive approach, puts renewed focus on local innovations as part of $80M overhaul
WestJet passengers in Ottawa were recently treated to a winter wonderland, complete with a gingerbread gate.