The Ottawa company is nearly 30 years old and has some 100 employees in Kanata and the U.K.
Richards, the founder behind Ottawa startups numbercrunch and Givopoly, will take over the role from Nokia Networks’ David Ritonja
Zhang, who previously worked at Mitel and BluMetric, is replacing Julia Flynn, who is stepping down from the post at the end of the month.
Firms see opportunities in the coming wave of upgrades in data centres and other networks to 5G services.
For a minority of people who suffer serious, life-altering injuries while participating in high-risk activities, the wording of waivers can have huge, lifelong implications.
Financial filings show the board’s concerns about Mitel’s ability to execute on its on-premise-to-cloud strategy as a publicly-traded company
When Annie first learned she had been chosen to become a Habitat for Humanity homeowner, she was in the car taking her son, Hunter, to daycare.
Local cloud-based security firm hosts live panel discussion at AGM
The deal adds to Thermal Energy’s product portfolio and grows its distribution network to include larger commercial buildings and hot water boiler markets.
'Now it’s really time to execute.'