The social enterprise co-founded by Carleton University student Babur Jahid aims to address one of Afghanistan’s biggest health-care crises by providing more affordable access to eye care in the…
Firm's technology can “listen in” on wireless signals and determine if they come from a “friendly” device such as an iPhone or something potentially more nefarious such as a surveillance bug.
The clean-tech firm says in a release that the hospital is expected to save $950 million annually with the implementation of its heat recovery systems, and reduce its carbon emissions by 1,738 tonnes…
Waterbridge Creative Media is heading west with the opening of a new office in Vancouver. The Ottawa-based digital media agency is dubbing its new production office “Waterbridge West.”
Ackroo CEO Steve Levely said the deal will almost double his firm’s recurring revenues.
A self-driving car made its way down a public street in Kanata on Thursday afternoon – a Canadian first that puts Ottawa in the driver’s seat when it comes to being an autonomous vehicle
Local firm was recently named one of the world’s top 15 biotech startups.
Transform-X intends to retain “substantially all” of DragonWave’s roughly 135 employees.
Seven-year agreement covers network-based workplace communication services, including VoIP telephone, instant messaging and desktop videoconferencing tools.
Technology uses wearable devices to track individuals’ vital signs, daily habits while caregivers are away