Bank of Canada

A top Bank of Canada official is warning about the risks related to the growing dominance of a handful of big players in the digital economy and, more specifically, their tightening grip over user…
A Bank of Canada speech, Statistics Canada job figures and WestJet earnings are among the stories to watch this coming week in Canadian business.
Central bank couldn't ignore strong 2017 economic data, even as it acknowledged the risks about NAFTA's renegotiation.
Sky-high debt loads are one of the central bank governor's top concerns, he said after data showed the amount Canadians owe relative to their income hit a new high in the third quarter.
The bank is pointing to several positives, such as encouraging job and wage growth, sturdy business investment and the resilience of consumer spending.
In an increasingly digital world, most Canadians still carry physical money in their wallets and favour cash payments, especially for smaller sums, according to a new report by Canada's central bank.
The Canadian economy hit reverse in August, its first monthly pullback since October last year.
Shopify's CEO addresses claims from what he called a "short-selling troll" and other stories to watch in Canadian business this week.
Round three of NAFTA negotiations, Alibaba's founder comes to Canada and analysts watch for hints of future interest rate hikes in Poloz's latest speech.
Analysts widely anticipated a second rate hike in the coming months, but the timing of Wednesday's move came sooner than most had predicted.