If constructed, the high-speed transport could send Ottawa passengers to Toronto in 27 minutes and to Montreal in just 12.
The Ottawa-based REIT is known for buying under-managed buildings in desirable locations and repositioning the properties, analysts say.
/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Don’t let Canada’s low-key nature fool you.
Capital Gaming Expo’s new owner hit the reboot button on the annual event this past weekend, bringing Ottawa’s gaming community together with industry leaders from inside and outside the city.
Yishel Khan has taught children with special needs all over the world, and noticed a disturbingly common problem in many places she went.
While Canadians from across the country are expected to travel to Ottawa next year to celebrate the nation’s 150th anniversary, new figures show tourists from further afield are also taki
One of the fastest growing companies in the region just became even larger, thanks to its purchase of a Montreal-area IT services and software development firm.
It’s been a priority for Dr.
Eight years ago, David Ross decided he needed to do something dramatic to shake his company out of the doldrums.
A year after Edelman set up shop in the city, the public and government relations firm says it has big plans for expansion in the nation’s capital.