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To extract maximum value from the combination of tools referred to as business intelligence or business analytics, companies should consider their decision-making environments.
As our world grows ever more connected, important questions arise about cybersecurity and how we operate on a day-to-day basis.
Three of Ottawa’s tech leaders were on hand at the most recent Industry, Issues and Insights event to discuss their experiences in scaling and solidifying their young companies into bona fide firms.
Most small Canadian firms don’t see government as a potential client, according to new research from University of Ottawa professors.
In 2007, mining industry magnate and University of Ottawa alumnus Ian Telfer made what was then the largest donation ever given to a Canadian business school.
In 1977, a failed research project at McKinsey & Co. set in motion the wheels that would lead Tom Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr.
Pat McGowan believes the term “sharing economy” is a misnomer, and he’s not shy about saying so.
After spending more than three decades at Ottawa-based insurance provider Encon Group, growing the company during a major economic downturn, Jean Laurin is retiring. By Jacob Serebrin
Shaun MacLellan says he was on the fence about going to the Montreal International Startup Festival. By Jacob Serebrin
One of the Ottawa region’s most well-known local businessmen has died.