Consumer prices up across Canada due in part to higher energy prices, especially gasoline.
Rapidly emerging business model features entrepreneurs operating multiple delivery-only food businesses from a network of kitchens that often don't serve walk-in customers.
Extensive renovations planned to townhouses, located just off Woodroffe Avenue.
Ruling could undermine the company's business model, which relies on giving away its operating system in return for opportunities to sell ads and other products.
Dream Unlimited doubles equity stake to 80% in project initiated by Windmill Development Group
Company president Denis Staples will be leaving the firm at the end of the year.
The school says an investigation has not found any direct evidence that any data was accessed or taken, nor was any financial or health information exposed in the incident.
The Ottawa company is nearly 30 years old and has some 100 employees in Kanata and the U.K.
Omnibus bill would also cancel the White Pines wind farm in Prince Edward County – a move the company behind the project says could cost Ontario residents more than $100 million.
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