City of Ottawa

Every year or two, Ottawa residents are treated to a feat of modern engineering as construction crews replace an aging bridge spanning the Queensway over the course of a single weekend.
Many of the stations are receiving “final touches” including wayfinding signs, lights and speakers.
"Work in Ottawa" campaign, launched last year to attract U.S. talent to Canada's capital, is grabbing attention south of the border, Invest Ottawa CEO says.
Are you an aspiring restaurateur, hoping to open the next foodie haven in Ottawa’s emerging restaurant scene?
City to allow microbreweries and other small manufacturing operations more leeway to set up shop in retail neighbourhoods
New guidelines will reduce the risk of streets in parts of Ottawa turning into 'walled canyons.'
Report shows the city has fallen behind on processing time for development applications
Orgaworld will spend $9.4 million on facility upgrades.
Calling all Ottawa railfans: If you’re feeling nostalgic or have an extra few thousand dollars just lying around, you could be the owner of the city’s old O-Trains.
Complaints about parking violations once again topped the list of most common beefs.