Full list of local companies winning federal government contracts for the week of Oct. 23-29.
2017 was a busy year in Ottawa as tourists and residents alike flooded the city to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary.
Health Canada offered hints Tuesday about the government's plans for legal pot, including, plain packaging and stern, stark health warnings like those found on tobacco products.
In all, there were 150,000 employees with pay problems that needed correcting at the start of summer, and a value of over $520 million worth of mistakes.
When a new SaaS venture starts, it can be easy to get caught up in the rush of success. A great idea is born, a team comes together and praise starts rolling in.
Nebraska regulators approved passage of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline Monday, clearing the last major regulatory hurdle for the controversial $10-billion project but creating a new wrinkle by…
Unifor, the union representing on-air and broadcasting technicians at 17 CTV stations, says Ottawa CTV 2 hosts Melissa Lamb and Lianne Laing are among those affected.
College faculty in Ontario head back to their schools today, after a five-week strike was ended over the weekend with back-to-work legislation.
Answers to the price fixing on bread products allegations, a big week for pipelines and other stories in Canadian business.
Framework ensures builds and renos are energy efficient, eco-friendly, healthy and technologically enabled.