Interest rate decision, housing market update and the release of several key corporate earnings reports are among the events expected to make headlines in the days ahead.
Deal is worth 'several million dollars.'
Canadian distillers fear tariffs could spark reciprocal levies from U.S. President Donald Trump against Canadian whiskies sold into the bigger U.S. market.
Trump's next move on tariffs, hearings into air passenger rights and the release of new unemployment numbers are among the stories expected to make headlines in the days ahead.
Washington has shown no signs of budging, so the Canadian retaliation is set to begin Sunday.
Revenue was $441.4 million, down from $461.6 million in the same quarter last year.
Perceptions run counter to Statistics Canada data
The federal government's move, a tit-for-tat response to the Trump administration's stinging levies on steel and aluminum imports, will take effect Sunday.
World Cup matches and an Olympic Games would put Canada front and centre in the sports world in 2026.
Roughly half of Canadians surveyed said they would refrain from cross-border shopping or travelling to the U.S. for pleasure.