Claiming slow table turnovers, surreptitious downloaders, and just a dull, library vibe, some entrepreneurs have been restricting when and where visitors can use their laptop.
Rise in total direct compensation in part reflects the increasing demands for chief executives in the banking industry, recruiter says.
Stephen Poloz said the federal government's spending in the last couple of years on programs such as enhanced child benefits and infrastructure, have contributed to economic growth.
Liberals have earmarked $218 million over five years for the agency.
November deal led to the closure of nine Ottawa newspapers and dozens more across Ontario.
Both companies said the price adjustments help fund improvements in the reach and capabilities of their networks.
Interest rate clues, Sobeys earnings and insights into Canada’s manufacturing industry are among the events and issues expected to make headlines in the days ahead.
Air Canada is looking to cut operating costs and defend against competition from upstart low-cost competitors by adding more planes to its Rouge fleet and flying them on regional routes w
"There's a growth outside of the duopoly."
Canada appears to have dodged a protectionist bullet, as one of only two countries to receive a provisional exemption from steel and aluminum tariffs set to rip into America's trading relationships…