Canopy Growth

The country’s largest pot producer plans to get even bigger with a record-setting bought deal financing round.
Whether in the form of deals with provincial governments, acting as a distribution channel for regional growers or developing its own grow-ops across the country, Canopy Growth has edged its way into…
Hydropothecary says it’ll soon be ready to tackle the national marijuana market after raising the largest deal of its kind in Canadian cannabis history.
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions threw the industry into confusion with a memo on Thursday that rescinded an Obama-era policy discouraging federal prosecutors from targeting states where the…
Canadian cannabis firms seeing boons as recreational legalization expected this year
Ottawa-area cannabis grower Canopy Growth says it expects being ready to begin production by May 2018.
The Ottawa-area pot producer is the largest of its kind in the country and has e-commerce operations and grow sites in six other provinces.
Bruce Linton calls the Scandinavian country a "stable, attractive" market with "attractive energy rates."
The venture will create a new Canadian home base for Amsterdam-based Green House Brands and Organa while Canopy Growth has the right to purchase all the cannabis products produced by Agripharm.
Revenue in its second quarter totalled $17.6 million, up from $8.5 million last year.