Linton says he has lined up an option to acquire a 'humongous' greenhouse in California as part of a broader strategy to enter the U.S. market quickly
The coffee shop company says it has more than 130 locations across Ontario that it plans to leverage to enter the cannabis space
Co-CEO Bruce Linton called the investment "rocket fuel" for the local pot producer
The province says a 'tightly regulated' private retail model will start operation by April 1, 2019
While the initial licence is secured, reports say plans to develop a 200,000-sq-ft facility have stalled
The Smiths Falls-based pot producer is bringing its medical-use and animal health subsidiaries in-house with two acquisitions
The buzz around Canada’s legal marijuana market has turned Ottawa’s NAC into a “bees’ nest of activity” – and the prospect of private pot retail in Ontario is only sweetening the local firm’s…
The Gatineau-based pot producer says it was expecting the Ontario premier's decision to open the province's cannabis market to private retailers
Canadian Securities Exchange becomes the 'exchange of choice' for many U.S. cannabis companies
Deal gives CannaRoyalty exposure to one of Canada's fastest-growing cannabis firms.