With seven hires in the past year, Crank is sitting at nearly 30 employees today.
With client confidentiality a core tenet at law firms, the term “outsourcing” can understandably leave some in the legal profession uneasy.
'You’ve seen what a white CEO looks like numerous times. It’s rare that a black, female woman gets to meet a room of fifty CEOs who are black and female.'
Those who have been through the process of creating financial forecasts and drafting budgets know that assembling the necessary information can sometimes feel like pulling teeth.
Fresh off securing an $8.4M series-A round, Mindbridge AI recognized with Outstanding Product Achievement award.
Canadian Museum of History is taking advantage of a new deal between Ottawa Tourism and a local startup that helps local businesses cater to an influx of Chinese tourists.
High-tech talent, innovative companies and public sector interest could turn Canada’s capital into an AI hub
Though she’s been practising law for businesses in the city for 20 years, Momentum founder Megan Cornell tells Techopia Live there’s been a renewed energy in the Kanata tech park these past five…
Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and international accessibility are all parts of the firm’s vision for the ‘future of commerce’
MDS Aero Support is putting made-in-Ottawa innovation to the test in the United Kingdom, where the firm recently announced it will partner with Rolls-Royce to build a testing facility for the…