Ottawa’s top three ICT firms based on revenue were Mitel, Telesat and Shopify.
Shopify has brought another one of the successful developers in its app ecosystem in-house with its latest acquisition.
Feds are set to become "a large Leonovus reference customer," which Ottawa tech firm says will help it market to other large enterprise users.
Cryptography is the “foundational element” for securing information from cyber attacks.
'We’re a small team, but we’re working our butts off.'
Kanata accelerator is opening its doors to firms in fields including cyber, Internet of Things and 'deep tech.'
Traditional video surveillance may be a well-established market, but March Networks is capitalizing on the industry's growing interest in the hidden data that video can provide.
Techopia Live was your backstage pass at AccelerateOTT, interviewing Ottawa’s business leaders and visiting startup gurus
When Karin Hinzer first began research into renewable energy more than 10 years ago, she was convinced the technology wasn’t going to be that useful.
Noibu Technologies creates 3D virtual tours of high-end retailers’ brick-and-mortar stores.