Vocal user interfaces, greater 'augmented intelligence' are on the horizon.
Ahead of this week’s Autonomous Vehicles Summit in Kanata, BlackBerry’s advances can’t be ignored
More than 70 exhibitors, big and small, gathered to display their latest technology and showcase themselves to potential employees at the annual event, which attracted nearly 2,000 attendees.
Alternative funding model addresses a problem in startup communities around the world: There may be a lot of startups out there, but VCs are only putting money into the ones that are likely to show…
Desk Nibbles service delivers regular boxes of snacks to more than 65 companies across Canada and plans to expand to New York next month.
The Growcer’s hydroponics design uses automated LED lights and water systems to farm vegetation in harsh environments.
“There’s a million directions you want to go, but you have to do it at the right speed or things fly off the wheels or you run out of cash flow,” CEO David Ross said. “It’s trying to balance your…
Attendees can expect to see a combination of tech giants and startups sharing the exhibition space.
The university is currently gearing up for the opening of its new STEM Complex this September.
2018 Bootstrap Award recipient fills gap in construction supply chains for smaller material orders.