Married for 35 years, Carol Devenny and Grant McDonald have managed to maintain domestic harmony while battling for business as top executives at competing Ottawa professional services firms
Canadian companies secured a record $2.7 billion in venture capital this past year, though Ottawa firms brought less to the table, according to a new report.
There were 38 issues from Canadian companies or companies listing on Canadian exchanges in 2017.
A new report says just five per cent of Canadian technology companies have a female founder and a similar fraction have a woman as CEO, figures which suggest the industry's gender diversity is…
First-half total is roughly on par with the average level of the preceding five years.
PwC says the initial public offering market in Canada has bounced back, posting a steady recovery through the first half of the year after a dismal 2016.
It went little-reported in the wider media when released a few weeks back, but a recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers contained some rather intriguing insights.