Ottawa startup Lightship Security illuminated the “darkness that is cybersecurity” on Techopia Live this week, telling us how the firm is helping products get securely to market as quickly as…
Cybersecurity is always a race between offence and defence but new tools are giving companies that employ them a leg up on those trying to steal their data.
Cybersecurity experts fear government and corporate defensive capabilities are not keeping pace with growing ranks of sophisticated hackers, a sentiment underscored by recent events.
As our world grows ever more connected, important questions arise about cybersecurity and how we operate on a day-to-day basis.
The Wall Street Journal called Darktrace a tech company to watch in 2017, and the World Economic Forum named it a tech pioneer in 2015.
Preventing outages and restoring power usually invokes images of work crews clearing fallen trees and connecting wires atop utility poles.
CAA says it partnered with Equifax on its identity protection program and is notifying the roughly 10,000 members who participated that they may have had sensitive data divulged in the security breach
China steadfastly denies launching cyberattacks, including the 2014 assault on the National Research Council in Ottawa. The government blamed a sophisticated state-sponsored Chinese entity for the…
A new, highly virulent strain of malicious software that is crippling computers globally appears to have been sown in Ukraine, where it badly hobbled much of the government and private se
Canada's interconnected banks are vulnerable to a cascading series of cyberattacks that could undermine broad confidence in the financial system, the Bank of Canada warns.