Susan Richards

Opinions on the state of Ottawa’s tech scene, the role Invest Ottawa should play, whether we really should’ve bid for Amazon HQ2 and more
For many entrepreneurs the idea of mapping out a year-long budget for your business can sound pretty pointless. Things rarely go according to plan anyway, so why bother?  
Critical metrics for software-as-a-service startups
In the midst of great success and innovation, it’s easy to lose sight of the sacrifices that entrepreneurs make when they set out to launch a business.
Spurred by backlash to the federal government’s proposed tax changes, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance has launched a campaign calling for the government to pause and reset its priorities on…
We talked to three experts who outlined how these changes might affect SMEs and professionals, and how they hope the dialogue surrounding “fair play” might change in the future.
With preparations wrapping up for this Thursday's AccelerateOTT, Invest Ottawa's flagship entrepreneurship conference, Techopia Live brought MC Susan Richards to the show to uncover how she's…
The CEO and cofounder of Givopoly and managing partner and cofounder of Numbercrunch in nominated in the professional category