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“If we’re not the next PayPal, if we’re not the next Visa, we kind of failed.”
Asking for help – and actually receiving it – is a phenomenon perhaps unique to Ottawa, the tech veteran says.
The longer it takes for the government to play catch-up on proper regulations, the less opportunity Canadian firms have to capitalize on the disruptive industry.
Industry veteran explains the thinking behind the purchase, Mitel’s M&A strategy and why businesses are losing interest in managing their phone and communication systems in-house.
On this week’s episode of Techopia Live, we spoke to two of the city’s transplanted entrepreneurs: France’s Eric Lavost, the founder of Eazylang, and TokenPet founder Flávio Banyai, who’s originally…
Techopia Live speaks with CEO Steve Byrne about how the advent of machine learning is shaking up the industry
Techopia Live’s producer Craig Lord (who is definitely not also writing this post) took the hotseat this week to talk about the biggest Ottawa tech
The 2017 edition of the Branham300, an annual list of the top Canadian public and private ICT companies ranked by gross revenue, is a Capital bummer.
As Canadian demographics shift towards an aging population, Ottawa organizations are putting the focus on youth to ensure our local talent has the skills necessary to build business success.
The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation is putting a steampunk flair on its inaugural gala this coming week, and Techopia Live sat down with the museum's leaders and partner businesses…