XPR founder Joelle Parenteau recently took up blogging.
Meanwhile, CEO Tobi Lütke breaks silence on short-seller’s report as share price dips again
Shopify posted a prominent statement on its website Thursday morning, saying that it stands behind its mission and the success of the merchants that use its system.
Citron Research, an online stock commentary website whose reports have previously moved the direction of shares for the likes of Valeant and BlackBerry, claims the Ottawa-based firm's business model…
Mastermind Toys has carved out a nice, profitable niche within the toy business, according to retail analyst Bruce Winder, the co-founder and partner of Retail Advisors Network.
Speaking to a crowd of aspiring merchants on Wednesday night, Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke advised them not to let their customers’ retail experiences fall by the wayside, lest their businesses end up like…
Shopify timed its release with Apple’s annual product announcement event on Tuesday because the tech giant’s latest operating system includes a QR code scanner natively in the camera app. backs up SMEs' storefronts and makes that data accessible for restores and retrieving lost data, a service that co-founder Mike Potter says isn't covered by big e-commerce providers.
Ottawa e-commerce giant challenged thousands of existing, later-stage companies to scale up beyond revenues around $1 million to reach levels of $50 million and beyond.
The 37-year-old’s profile on the list suggests Shopify’s CEO has been relatively low-key in the firm’s success to date, but that with the company’s continual success since its IPO and having recently…