Battling messages come as Silicon Valley grapples with accusations of sexism and discrimination.
When you’re trying to get from the Rideau Centre to Bayshore Mall, you may know that starting on Sunday you’ll have to take bus route No. 11 instead of the traditional No. 2. But how will Google Map’…
Ottawa’s Shopify has established a series of high-profile partnerships with some of the planet’s biggest tech firms.
Apple may not become an automaker, but it still wants to develop its own self-driving technology.
Renewity RMA, one of two companies in the Kanata-based L-Spark enterprise software accelerator, announced Wednesday it has received “a joint injection of capital” from Wesley Clover and Naavon Capi
Google has announced Ottawa-based Shopify is one of four e-commerce and website-building providers helping the company develop its new domain registration service. In a s
Innovators in Ottawa are just as likely to create the next world-changing technology as their competitors in Silicon Valley, a world-renowned innovation expert told a local conference on Fr
Google plans to build and launch onto city streets a small fleet of subcompact cars that could operate without a person at the wheel.
After 17 years at the helm of Espial Group, Jaison Dolvane has seen his share of ups and downs in the high tech world. By Alexia Naidoo