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Ottawa-based Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance among organizations opposing the change.
In Ottawa, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance says the “ill-conceived” legislation could end up hurting entrepreneurs and small businesses.
Three months into the fiscal year, the public books are on track to meet the Trudeau government's deficit projection of $28.5 billion, an update on federal finances said Friday.
The new regime would limit the owners of private companies from “income sprinkling,” or spreading out income to family members as a way to reduce payable taxes.
The federal government is proposing measures to tighten what it calls "unfair" loopholes for private corporations that enable many wealthy Canadians, including professionals like some doc
The Trudeau government is still wrestling with how to tax recreational pot, even as it indicates it's poised to introduce long-awaited legalization legislation next month in advance of April 20 – t
We’ve brought you here to talk. Please sit down.
The future is coming at you, fast, and the Liberal government says it knows you're getting anxious – and potentially angry.
If the Trudeau government plans to take steps to address the economic risks of the Donald Trump presidency, they won't be in the upcoming federal budget.
The federal government unveiled a two-pronged effort Thursday aimed at improving Canada's ability to foster growth at a time when a rising tide of protectionism threatens to hurt the country's econ